The 2014-2015 Korean Ancestry Grant


At least seven new Korean Ancestry Grants, with a maximum grant of $10,000 will be available for the 2014-2015  academic year. The exact number of Korean Ancestry Grants will be decided both by the number of exceptional candidates and by the amount of available Foundation funds.

Applicants must be of Asian ancestry, with at least one Asian grandparent. There is a strong preference for applicants of Korean ancestry.

Applicants must begin their applications online, at The William Orr Dingwall Foundation’s website.



To apply for a Korean Ancestry Grant from The William Orr Dingwall Foundation, an applicant must submit the following information:

- A well written statement in support of the applicant’s application, not to exceed 1,000 words.

-¬† Two or three letters of recommendation¬† from professors/teachers who know the applicant well and are able to provide significant insight into the applicant’s academic strengths and weaknesses.

- An official, sealed transcript of the grades earned by the applicant at any undergraduate college or university he or she is currently attending or may have previously attended. In the case of an applicant who will be commencing his or her undergraduate education at the beginning of the next academic semester, a transcript of the grades he or she has earned in secondary school may be substituted.

Transcripts and letters of recommendation should be sent to:

Scholarship Coordinator
The Dingwall Foundation
PO Box 57088
Washington, DC 20037

The application deadline for the 2014-2015 funding cycle is March 15, 2014.

Online applications must be complete and submitted to the Foundation’s servers by the 11:59 pm EST, March 15, 2014 deadline.
Supporting materials must bear a postmark of March 15, 2014 or earlier.

Semi-finalists will be notified on May 1, 2014.

Recipients will be notified June 15, 2014.