Past Dissertation Fellowship in the Foundation of Language Recipients


Esti Blanco-Elorrieta
New York University
Psychology: Cognition and Perception

“Towards A Naturalized Neuroscience of Bilingualism”
Haley Dresang
University of Pittsburgh
Communication Science & Disorders

“How the Neural Basis of Semantic Memory Supports and Are Distinguished from Language Processes”
Judy Kim
John Hopkins University
Psychological & Brain Sciences

“The Moral Basis of Language in Blindness”
Mattson Ogg
University of Maryland, College Park
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

“Shared Cognitive Structures Between Music and Language”



Lauren Covey
University of Kansas

“Individual Differences in the Processing of Wh-Dependencies by Native and Non-Native Speakers: An ERP investigation”
Qiuhai Yue
Rice University
Department of Psychology

“Evaluating the buffer vs. embedded processes accounts of verbal short-term memory by using multivariate fMRI and brain stimulation approaches”
Robert Wiley
John Hopkins University
Cognitive Science

“How the ability to learn and remember letters is affected by the learning experience”




Mor Regev
Princeton University
Cognitive Psychology

“How the brain accommodates the processing of both spoken and written information and the interactions between them”
Geoffrey Brookshire
University of Chicago

“Oscillatory phase-locking in language comprehension across sensory modalities”





Kinsey Bice
The Pennsylvania State University
Cognitive Psychology

“Using ERPs to capture native language changes during foreign language learning”
Tao Wei
Rice University
Systems & Cognitive Neuroscience

“The influence of linguistic experience on speech production: Mechanism and neural correlates”




Jingyi Geng
Rice University
Department of Psychology

“The role of classification when understanding words: A brain-behavior approach”
Michelle Ferrill
San Diego State University/UCSD
Joint Doctoral Program in Language and Communicative Disorders

“Brain-behavior links in the lexical and syntactic processing during sentence comprehension”




Denise Harvey
Rice University
Department of Psychology
Kaitlyn Tagarelli
Georgetown University
Department of Linguistics




Ms. Kimberly Frey
University of Colorado at Boulder
Department of Speech,
Language and
Hearing Services
Ms. Meagan Farrell
University of Florida
Department of Psychology,
Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience
Personal Page
Mr. Alexander Huth
University of California, Berkeley
Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute




Ms. Agnes Jasinska
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Neuroscience Program
Mr. Darren Tanner
University of Washington
Department of Linguistics
Mr. Michael Wolmetz
John Hopkins University
Department of Cognitive Science




Mr. Simon Fischer-Baum
John Hopkins University
Ms. Chia-in Lee
University of Illinois